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  • Cool. I finished EV training. Now I just have to level it up. Would you mind trading me another shellos for the one I'm training right now? I moved my ditto to W2 and would like to have a shellos to breed in the future.
    Thanks for giving me the rogenrolla with the virus and I have enough shards just erase a move slot that will replace earth power and I just want you to EV train
    Oh and another thing: the rogenrolla i gave you has pokerus, so you'll have an easier time ev training yourself later. Make sure to spread it among your other pokemon!
    Well I had to run an errand for my mother so I just started. Hopefully I'll have it ready by 10 pm EST. BTW I just noticed earth power is a tutor move. I don't have the shards to teach shellos the move :/ hope you don't mind. I thought you only wanted ev training...
    Cool I thought you wanted to trade the piplup for gastrodon once my job was done, so thanks! I'll get to work now
    Great so I'll be online at 6 Est. If I find you great, otherwise we can just try tomorrow or something. My FC is in my profile, use the Black FC not the White2 one. What's yours?
    6pm EST sounds about right foe me either today or tomorrow depending on when you get this message.
    Ok so EST is 2 hours behind my time. So, at 8 pm EST it's 10pm here. I'll never be able to trade at tgat time because i'm having dinner. How about either 6pm EST or 10pm EST?
    Ehh I seem to have a problem with international time... let me check the EST so I can be ready for yor next message.
    Lets go over the list of what you have to do.
    You have to do these things:
    1. EV train my Shellos/Gastrodon in this spread 252 HP/252 SpD/4 SpA
    2. Teach it these moves earth power, ice beam, muddy water,and recover

    If you do this task I will give you a piplup. If you agree respond back to me at 8:00 PM EST sharp. My friend code is 4943 3248 2934
    Ok so I'm back, i can trade whenever you want just tell me when you can trade
    Sorry man, I've been extremely busy with university, band and loads of other stuff. I might be able to trade tomorrow, but I can't promise anything really. It's more likely that I'm online on sunday, and even more likely after next wednesday. I appreciate the piplup, looking forward to trade.
    I'm ready to trade anytime. I breeded a piplup for you so now I have held up my end of the deal.
    Sooo, when do you want to trade? I think I'll be available tomorrow (in like 10 hours from now or something)
    Ok if you can find a piplup or evos that would be great, they're the only non-legendary pokemon that I don't have yet.
    Hmm someone else will trade me a manaphy in a while, so I son't need it anymore. If you have a piplup or one of its evolutions I'd want that, otherwise NP I'll just train it for free.
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