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  • Oh :( I don't think I could use that. Uhh do you have other legendaries? I'm mostly interested in events and gen IV legends. If you can't clone and you need them I could return them to you, I mostly need those to complete my national dex.
    To be more specific I'm missing: Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, Deoxys, anything in the Piplup line, Dialga, Giratima, Manaphy, Phione, Shaymin and Keldeo. BTW sorry that I'm not here every day, but I'm busy with my studies and I don't always have time to be online.
    No problem, BW1 are compatible with BW2 games. Sure I could train that no problem. I'm interested in your raikou. Could you tell me it's IVs and nature? Also does it have EVs or is it untrained?
    Hey I could train your Shellos into Gastrodon. Is it really necessary that I get it to lv. 100? Just tell me the exact EV spread you want. What can you offer in return?
    Any luck with that Female Dream World Magby? I got work tonight from 2pm - 10pm so we'll have to trade later tonight if we are still on.
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