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  • Actually I have no idea. I don't see why you wouldn't be able to, but we won't know until we try...
    Well I am interested in Landorus, which I don't have and can't get. I think that's about it. Landorus and kyogre in SS. BTW I'm only interested in Landorus-T. I don't have regular landorus either, but the regular is just too ugly to be used and I want intimidate too. If you can get the Thundurus-T from Dream Radar I'm also interested in it, but if it is from black then I'm not interested, since it's almost imposible to get a timid one with 31 or close speed IVs from the roamer thundurus...
    Nono I do want it, but it's just not that urgent, I can wait. But I do need it so I can catch rayquaza. BTW you're not SRing ubers now, but at some point you will need to SR rayquaza. I want to send all of my SS legendaries to Gen V, so once I get my rayquaza I won't need Groudon there anymore and will send it to W2. You should get my groudon before that so that you're guaranteed to be able to catch rayquaza, instead of being on your own hoping that someone trades you a groudon later.
    Oh and about that, I'm pretty sure you need a SS Groudon to be able to catch rayquaza too, so you could give me kyogre, I get the green orb from oak, then I trade you groudon, you get it, then we trade kyogre for groudon back and everyone's happy.
    Actually right now I'm resting for a while, so I can check that. Once I finished training Azelf in attack I'll check. Still, I need kyogre on SS so we'd have to trade kyogre for random crap and random crap for kyurem (remember I need it back so you need to clone it). Also there's no need for me to keep your kyogre because I already have one. If I'm going to give you kyurem I'm more interested in having a kyurem of your own that's more physically based in terms of IVs and nature so I could use it as Black Kyurem (My kyurem is made to become White Kyurem)
    Yeah I use it most of the time, except when I need to pass a DW ability. And those bagons really had better IVs than that? LOL I didn't know, I just bred so many that I don't remember. Keep them if you want, they're just spitbacks.
    Salamence IS naive, and the IVs are 31/31/22/6/22/31, but it's weird that the serebii calculator says speed is 28. Maybe I did something with the EVs again? the judge did say it had perfect speed though...
    Like I was going to do something and you did it first. I was going to say something like nice doing business with you. Actually I think I could give you a salamence already trained since I also have one from SS I trained to win some stuff at the frontier, and now I don't need it. I think it's naive but I'm not sure, and it's got outrage, Draco Meteor, Earthquake and Fire Blast. Since I don't have the hex flawless Ditto in SS, its IVs aren't that great, but it does have 31 in attack and speed, and I think hp too but not sure, I should check that.
    Oh :) no problem if you don't need the Infernape you don't have to give me the scraggy :)
    If i remember well I used the RNG for the parents of that Infernape and for the Infernape too. The parents don't have 31 in all stats but just in the stats I needed to have to do the egg
    HEy :) yeah the scraggy is ok, just give me the time to check if I've the infernape on my cart or if I've to download it from my pokecheck account
    Great! Thanks for the trade and sorry for the trouble of re-cloning. Tell me when you get the HG kyogre.
    Uhh sure, but you'll waste more time cloning it and trading than just lowering EVs with berries or the Join Avenue shops and fighting litwicks.
    Sure, trade away. You don't really need to trade what you get for them, but I'll never say no to free pokemon :P BTW thanks for zapdos... why did I do that? probably copied some old smogon spread, now they don't even have them with the BW2 updates. Well I guess I'll have to readjust it back to 4/252/252 to get the extra power. Maybe I can net some OHKOs that I couldn't get before.
    waaait I thought you'd clone the other pokemon at least once! sorry man, I really need those to fight in wi fi, can you clone the rest too?
    I promise, next week I'll make an account, I'm busy with stuff right now ):
    Btw I'm in. And I'm pretty sure I wasn't making weird noises o.O I just turn off the speakers really so no idea what happens.
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