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  • heh, dw, i think you can do well. it's a good test of your ability too, anyhow :)
    hey dude, why don't you hop on at like 6:00ish my time so we can have another lesson or two before the round ends :d
    hey b0ss tell me when you're free and we can do something today! (preferably earlier in the day but whenever works for you)
    hey man, soooo let's do this later in the day then. i've gotta work rn so we can do 1.5 - 2 hours at like 4:30 (my time) if that sounds good?
    hey man, why don't you hop on at 11 am (my time :P) if you have time? if not, let me know a better time
    hey i see that you signed up on the tutor page. well the Hell Razors are having a tourney i think you should join. it might help show you some battle strategy. what are your thoughts?
    oop, hey there. just wanted to apologize, it seems i had you briefly banned on smogcraft due to a misunderstanding. it looks layell went and sorted it out, but i still wanna say sorry for any inconvenience my blunder might have caused.
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