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  • Please stop nagging about weekend. It has passed. Just because it's weekend, doesn't mean that everybody is ready to play for 24 hours. I have class during the time you got home so I'm asking you whether you're willing to play in the morning before you go to work. If yes, give me the time and I'll do my best to accommodate it.
    i leave for work at 7 am and come home at this time. it's not feasable for me to play other than on the weekend, when i was here and ready to play and you werent on.
    um it doesnt work like that. i work in the week. you didn't answer me until like 5 days before the deadline when i pm'd you at the start of the round. i get home around this time everyday from work. you had a chance to play me this weekend but didn't show up when i was online on irc almost all day.
    we have to play for st9. im est and usually only available on the weekends, hopefully that works for you
    Our difference in time is making this seemingly difficult....VM back as soon as you see this, hopefully I'll be on.
    Unfortunately today is not going to work for me my friend. Any day other than today will work fine though.
    Fuck, I wasn't on and just saw your VM... I'll be on about midnight, I hope you'll be on too.
    It's being too late for me to battle now ... When are you avaible today ? Give me an hour but not at like 2 am and then we can play.
    I could not... I had to take my train ... Are you avaible tomorrow at midnight my time ?
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