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  • Oh wow. Rain Dance team in Battle Tower ftw?

    Ok then. I might be going out at some point soonish but I'll get on now anyway.
    Uh well I just need to grab my laptop, so sure thing.

    Oh gay. =/ What was that from though?
    Oh. Damn. I would port forward if I knew how, but even the site I was linked to while doing the server setup confused me. =/
    Too true. Probably because of fail ingame wannabe competitive bullcrap lol.

    Oh good. I hate it when downloads fail.

    Oh, and I'll be up later tomorrow, so maybe getting your server ready for then might be good. Unless I'm awake at 11am like I plan to be lol. Anyways, night. Good to catch up with you. =D

    Well STAB 150 power move from a Pokemon with ok SpA on a Pokemon with average SpD would do that much.
    I think it's because Vista was more annoying, because they tried out new stuff that failed.

    Curse Slowking is win like CMBro. The Slows have a pretty amazing physical movepool. Not as lol as Focus Punch Chansey, which does 30 damage to my Weavile. XD
    Excellent. 8D

    Indeed, they did well this time. I think I always preferred XP over Vista. =/

    Wait, Chomp can learn Surf? O_o Is it Trick Room Slowking? 8D
    I'm the guy excited about -40, remember. =P

    Exactly. Linux is great for downloading, there are hardly any delays or anything, it just gets on with the job.

    Yeah it's quite good if you ask me. =P

    Oh well, there are always going to be kinks in the OS. =/
    Sadly I can't go to bed as late as I used to. =/ Not as cold as it is here, we probably average under 20 lol.

    I dunno, I haven't noticed that for me.
    Too long huh. lol, 26 is cold. People here dream of that in summer. XD All-nighter then huh?
    Progress ftw. =D

    Very true, oh well. I never did like Suicune. >_>

    So how cold has Ohio been for the last few months? In fact, I haven't talked to you since... January/February, is it? =/
    Lack of UAC making everyone's life easier. =D

    I'd really like to see Crocune live through a +6 Outrage from Mence. :| Yeah I thought about those, but none of them were Trick Room worthy. Except for Vaporeon, because I might need a Phazer/Wisher. Slowking took hold of that spot though.
    Ah good, I was hoping you'd say that. It's so much better than Vista, non?

    Except DDMence/DDDos/DDTar. Nothing laughs at those. Except Scizor/Mamoswine.
    What OS are you running?

    I was sad, because I got completely owned by a Crocune and thought Feraligatr would be a good counter for it and worked well under Trick Room. Not fun.
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