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  • What OS are you running?

    I was sad, because I got completely owned by a Crocune and thought Feraligatr would be a good counter for it and worked well under Trick Room. Not fun.
    Oh awesome. I'm not doing much for a while due to uni ending, but I don't remember the time difference lol, but I guess that won't matter much.

    True. I was amazed to see that +6 Feraligatr's Earthquake only does ~55% to CroCune. o_o
    I have a server but don't know how to forward ports so only I can get into it. =/ You could just look on the Shoddy site or ask in the simple questions simple answers thread in the Shoddy forum. I could even write a patch file, but you'd still need to download NetBeans or something.

    I would love to have the time and effort to rebreed a nice Trick Room team. >:

    Well Charizard isn't exactly the most bulky Pokemon ever invented lol.
    Hells yeah, I've got a far better Trick Room team than I used to. 8D But if you'd rather a more orthodox team I'll comply.

    I don't wanna. ;__;

    It's a hard choice really. =/
    Yeah it's quite sad really. >: Oh well, I've kinda got into NU recently, and might shove him on a Trick Room team there. Medicham really should be UU, or at least in an NU banlist, because ScarfCham is damn amazing in NU. Raikou went down to UU did it not?

    That too, yes. I hate them so much (despite not playing against them I think. XD).

    Meh, I was getting so many near OHKOs and decided Life Orb would be worth it. I tend to just go all-out with Starmie anyway.
    I'll take that as a complement. =P Exactly, which is why it's hard. Not to mention finding a viable set for OU is damn hard since it has horrible STABs. Trick Room Eggy is easily screwed over by sun teams. =/

    Joke is an understatement. That's what they really need to work on for the next game.

    I finally switched it from Expert Belt to Life Orb. =/ Wow, that's something to be afraid of. Might try it. Maybe.
    Good on you, glad to see my signature sticks in the brain. =P Although I haven't used Eggy much lately, it's awesome but I can't find a good team for it.

    True, especially since AI is too stupid to switch out to anything.

    Nope, remember that Starmie/Weavile/Dusknoir team I made? Still going, since I can't be bothered rebreeding.
    Sadly I haven't played it nearly enough to know what all of them are off the top of my head. >_>; Tower is always fun, the classic. I finally got to a 50 streak lol. =D

    Trick Room Exeggutor, funny you're talking to me now... =P

    1001? Holy shit, that's insane. I'll have to investigate his team, that's too awesome.
    That's a given. Damn I hate the AI and their Double Team/BrightPowder abuse. >_< Which place have you been at most?
    I thank Kat for that. It's so win. <3

    Oh finally a new one, excellent. Did the old one die or something?
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