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  • OH hi, well, I'm not quite sure what I'm going to use yet. I'll battle you tommorow at the latest, as I do have something I can use in case of emergency. Your opinion on this?
    Have your winner pm me because the yanmega will remain in my posession
    I'm sorry I misunderstood your request you cam take yanmega as a prize for your tournament I thought you were asking to have my pokemon to use in a tournamet which has happened 7 times today
    No thank you.

    I don't give out pokemon for free to people who haven't proven themselves. Especially to those asking everyone else for their pokemon. If you want to give out prizes, use your own pokemon.
    Hey dude, I don't actually have any redis Pokemon that belong to me in my thread, and I'm not comfortable giving permission to use someone else's Pokemon as a prize, sorry... :/
    Yes those are fine, I can't trade now though, since we have the same time zone can we trade around 8pm? im just leaving to a friends house.
    I currrently dont have Karlmee1234's Mence, Can you choose something else? but the others are fine
    ok so Mattj's Flygon, Karlmee123's Salamence, Black.Arwing's Pineco, Milontic's Heracross, and Krul's Scizor
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