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  • Hah mate we defo need to have our uk qualification through these tourneys, me and you first on the list for Hawaii, great job on 4th though mate representing the managers as always with true boss skills!
    yeah ofc, may as well make it later summer so people actually have money (KEELY >:( )
    I spaced out so hard, sorry Dozz (x but if you're still up for the battling around now, it sounds good to me!
    In smogon and also on the Skarmbliss server he is ItalianPkmnTrainer95.
    I'm sorry you had to play against each other. I was very undecided about who recorded the battle video?
    Anytime wednesday will be perfect, I'll be on all day and 11 pm your time sounds perfect for me if you're up for that time like you said (:
    Hey there, I should be good just about any time of anyday you'd like to have our battles. I'm in pst, let's plan to battle around middle to late next week, around anytime that's best for you, as long as I'm home.
    I think your right, I have an addiction problem and without my managers Im half the player I could be ;) all together it wasnt to bad it cost me around £160 for the weekend, I was looking at flights to milan and there about £127 atm which isnt to bad I am really considering it, what you thinking you wana join??
    When I finished last night I was at 1977 although I had four more wins which i needed to be updated and I cant get on now to check as the wi-fi is down for maintenance :( what did you end up with? Wish I could have had more battles didnt really get a chance to battle on Saturday or Sunday, I ended up going to Madrid got top 16 after having to play one more round than everyone else and got beat on timeout :( still looking at going to Milan, you know one more last shot ;)
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