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  • Yeah, probably; it'd be a bit of extra work, but a hidden power shouldn't be a large problem. What one were you thinking of?
    Lol, thanks for letting me know the link doesn't work xD I think it's because the social group I posted it in is invite only and it's private. I'll fix it ;)

    And, I'm so very sorry, but none of my pokemon are up for trade. If they were up for trade, I would have noted the redis of my pokemon in my format, and I would've posted my thread in the wifi forum, not a social group. The thread in my sig is for organizing my RNGs and keeping track of them (And if I need anything from someone else, then they could look at that thread and see what they like). Sadly, I just don't have the time to have a trade thread and I don't even want much atm since I can RNG most of what I want :P But, since you didn't know, I'll look at your thread and see if I like anything.

    Edit: Sorry, nothing caught my eye :(

    Edit 2: Can you try the link again and tell me if it works, please :]
    Well you're in luck, I just added another tauros with rock climb (yesterday's haul) AND a female vulpix with dark pulse (DW exclusive move, specifically with the drought ability)

    Tell me if you want a special ball for the second tauros, since the first one will be caught in an ultra ball (or if the vulpix interests you lol)
    Didn't find something right now, though you can have it for 2 credits, since i haven't decided on CP prices yet.
    I have a clone of the vanillite if you want it now I actually have 4 clones I can give you, I forgot it said non-redis
    Oh, the Licki is fine, then. Aslong as that is legit? And yeah, I said Heal Ball Starmie which is the EV'd version (Staryu is the UT).

    I took your FC from your profile, if you need mine it's: 5071-3141-9155.

    I'll head onto Wi-Fi now.
    Sure. Heal Ball Starmie for Wish Licki? Do you happen to have the Wish Chansey, still? I'd actually prefer that to the Licki, if that's alright? :]
    yea, give me just a second to reset my ds's settings (have to change them for ir-gts-bw) and I'll see you online.
    I'll send you them back when hipoke cloned them for me. OK? I have a firestone actually i have a bunch of them do you want one?
    I gots me a cloner and he's fast so I'll send you a copy back if you trade them to me.
    Tauros was next on my list anyways lol, so I'll keep and start on that. Besides, if you max both spattack and attack on sharpedo, you're losing only 28 points of spattack and gaining 33 of attack...so overall you'll be 5 points higher with naughty :/
    Yo, I've been working on your entralink CP and I just hit naughty (with the correct seed). Would you accept this? Because I really want to get working on other stuff in my entralink :/

    btw what set were you thinking of running? Hpump/dpulse / ? ?
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