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  • Hey I have an egg with the SV of 3623 and I was wondering if you could hatch it for me so it can be shiny.
    My FC is 2208-5748-3316 trainer name Luri. I can give you a 5iv shellder, smeargle, honedge or froakie if you want to.

    plz pm me back or comment this :)
    Hi there. :)
    This is Jon.
    I'd like to request your time in hatching my Pokemon egg, since it matches SV 3623.
    My FC is 4957-2901-5642/ TSV: 1677/ IGN: Anthony
    My facebook address is cjon_ako@yahoo.com and jonantonimendoza@yahoo.com
    Thank you. :)

    ---Jon Antoni Mendoza
    Hello, I have a Scyther egg matching your shiny value. Are you available? I notice the last post you say you are busy. FC: 0232-8762-2919. I should be up for a little bit longer.

    Edit: Okay off to bed for the night. Will check in again next time I get a chance.
    Hey Drakero! I am interested in this Pokemon:


    OT: VGC12 | ID: 03032 (Male)(OT)
    Nature: Adamant Ability: Sand Stream
    Ivs: 31 | 31 | 31 | 31 | 31 | 31 (HP Dark 70)
    Ut Version:Bite | Leer| Sandstorm | SuperPower*
    Ev'd Version: Crunch | RockSlide| LowKick| Protect

    As well as your Luxury Ball Jolly Zekrom, Cherish Ball Genesect, and Cherish Ball Keldeo. Please look at my thread and let me know if there's anything I can trade for them! :)
    Hi,I will be able to trade all day long tommorow.My timezone is GMT +2,just vm me with a time that suits you.
    Sorry for my really late response but I had personal issues to solve and wasn't really active during the past month.If you still want to trade with me ,please tell me when are your usual times of availability.
    about those two pokemons i havent got my B2 yet soo once i get it we can trade ok? and are they free and fully redis?
    Well why didn't you tell Expert evan, Shii, and the mods about it, so they can discuss about it and give him a another chance?
    I will be able to trade from today.I will be able all day,every day until the 10th of September.
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