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  • What do you mean "It was traded with anyone"?

    If it was an accident, why didn't you tell Expert evan, Shii, and the mods about it, so they can discuss about it and give him a another chance?
    Hi,I won't be able to trade until Friday night ,because I will be out of town and will not have access to Wi-Fi.My timezone is GMT +3.
    P.S: I am unable to clone at the moment due to my AR being broken again,so you I'd appreciate it if you could clone my pokemon back.
    When you accept my request, could you tell me exactly what happened and I mean what really happened before alex got blacklisted. Did he trade the hacked chansey to you on purpose or was is an accident?

    Did he knew anything about it being hacked or not?

    If no, then what exactly made Hozu and Dark Ray think and assumed that he did knew about it?

    Hey there, If this isn't too much to ask, could you accept my friend request so you and I could talk about that hacked chansey and Alexshiny being blacklisted? Cause I wanted to know if the evidence are true or if there is a misunderstanding about what happened. If you don't mind.
    The parameters don't change according the ROM you have downloaded? And what do you mean by DESMUME+ dev? Thanks:)
    Okay no problem let me know a time in the future and I will try to work it out thanks ^-^
    Alexshiny's Fire Red Safari Zone Chansey is hacked.
    Thought you ought to know so you can remove it and contact anyone you've traded it to.
    If I may ask... how did you get those Colosseum 2nd gen starters? Save state abuse?
    Thank you for the free Registeel. Do you have the PKM file available? Otherwise, when is a good time to trade with you. Feel free to let me know if there is something from my thread that you'd like even if it is free.
    Hello drakero, I make some rngs on 3rd gen but now i made a new id/sid,
    in this sid 00568, when i transfer it to hex and after to binari, show only 10 digits, and i canot check if this make a shiny spread
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