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  • I deleted some posts because I think at this point there's only gonna be diminishing returns mucking up the thread. You might want to delete posts in accordance. Or all of them frankly.
    Well... did you ever think about some of the things you say before you say them? I've seen you insult more things than you defend. Don't get mad, just think about it.
    Anything more in the thread would be minimodding but you've done that to several others in the thread specifically, everyone as a blanket statement, and to me before (also wtf is up with "I only replied like that because I've spoken with him before and he never has any intention of not being a dick about his opinions" when the only time I spoke with you before was APOLOGIZING over being unusually intense). I admit that first I came out of the gates a little too intense but it's because I see you resort to ad hominem against everyone who disagrees with you and it gets annoying. I'm sure someone out there somewhere on the internet looks down on others for their opinions but it's more often people just people trying to defend their own views.
    Hey, don't you dare go away! I find your views on OP different and unique. A little weird, but its One Piece! we should be celebrating the weirdos!

    Others don't understand that though and spit on the face of what they are reading. Acceptance? my ass. "Lets build our own little group where only us who think alike can be together" is the way they think. Disgustin.
    nah it is almost exclusively your fault and you should definitely stop youre making it awful
    This leads us back to comparisons, if you want games that are just unreasonable with inputs at times those are the King of Fighters games.
    Hey man sorry for insulting you, we both like Guy Gardner (and it shows) and that should be the glue that holds us together, but come on man you gotta play some SF3 or Guilty Gear before you start calling a game like SF4 hard. Street Fighter has always traditionally been new player friendly, so I can't fathom why you don't get it.
    not to suck your dick too much but jesus how have I never noticed any of your posts before you're fucking astoundingly good
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