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  • i'm gonna wait for you in the wi fi club

    (and there will be a wi-fi tourney this weekend, so i will be busy fighting these 3 days, will contact you from monday onwards for the others trades)
    I already have the event ones, about the breed ones (including the shiny metagross) are not ready.
    about the PM: don't worry pal, is just that i've been busy. but let try and make it tonight around 9:00 pm
    The only garchomps on cherish ball are japanese only, i can get you one but don't know if you want it japanese.

    And about the voice chat, i hear you pretty well.
    First change "make" a pokemon with "RNG" a pokemon. If you say "make" looks like I edit pokemon or something similar, which is untruth.

    About Shininess, yes I can RNG then shiny but will take longer depending of the number of pokemons you want shiny.

    (If you want to know what "RNG a pokemon" is, there is a thread in smogon)
    I sure could do that project!
    But first: Do you know of Pokecheck?

    Is a fake GTS where you can upload your pokemon to know if they are hacked. Since you offered a few shinies pokemons in your original post but according to you, you was not sure about their procedence. I recomend you to upload any suspicious pokemon to pokecheck to know if they are hacked or not.

    After you made the clean-up, tell me which pokemons you got left. But don't worry I can accept common pokemon that I need to fill my pokedex the easy way, so even if a single shiny is not legal we can trade anyway!
    alrighty, see you sunday. also would you consitter redoing my entire team if your iterested? its just and idea for now so dont worry about anything, but i have a shiny garchomp that been my go-to badass for tournaments whenever lucario isnt enough to bring the pain, and hes not even at full power! if your interested in fixing him and a few others just tell me and ill show you who they are XD
    Okey, in-game go to your bag, there choose the key items pocket, then scroll down to the pal pad.

    there are three options, choose the second and fill
    Alright it might just be me....I tend to screw up a lot of crap so if the second doesn't work it's probably me. XD
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