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  • yep the FC i gave you is the right one. Anyway if that does not work will give you my other FC code tomorow night.
    Duuuuude if what your telling me is true, your giving me a perfect event lucario, the ones that were given out THAT I MISSED AND WAS PISSED OFF ABOUT, for FREE. You have absolutely no idea how much this means for me and makes up for my loss, truly. Thank you a bunches.

    As for the FC ill put it in in a couple of min. Whenever your ready just say

    Also if you want anything that I could possibly offer I'm cool with that they won't be like what you can do but it's up to u. Kinda feel bad that I'm getting it for free and I don't give anything back in return you know
    Okey on the cherish ball. Since is an event pokemon, i will have it ready for tomorrow night.

    What happened to me is here: lost a good chunk of my youth

    Anyway, contact me tomorrow to trade.... btw my FC is 4685-6807-9414.
    Hmmm ok well you can surprise me on the ball then. I'm not a fan of the quick ball but the way u make it sound its different from the blue and yellow quick ball that I know of. But up to like I said surprise me.

    And what happened to you that makes u relate?

    And forgot to mention how hong does it generally take you to do these requests?
    Well pal, i'm really sorry. The balls you asked for are 4th gen only and the riolus obteneible in 4th gen only come in pokeballs and Safari Balls, I can get the cherish ball one but....... if you want choose a 5th gen pokeball (I recommend you the Quick Ball, is blue with light brown stripes like lucario) tell me!

    And, don't worry you can bother me as much as you want. I know what is to lose a pokemon you like a lot.
    Lost a lucario. Want another one with special attack and speed specified. Also ev and iv trained. Will give you shinnies and even pokemon in return
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