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  • No I need to update my sig. For cloning my price is either a copy of the pokemon, or a credit. for EV wiping, I charge one credit for every 6 pokemon wiped. (If you don't have a thread/the pokemon that needs to be cloned is non redis we can work something out)
    Aw. That's very nice of you. :-)

    Ok, talk to you later. I have to check out a trade thread. I'm behind on my admin too. Too many trades and I didn't keep track. Very bad.
    Ah, we cross VMed.

    No, you can keep the bulbasaur, but do you want that Latias back?
    Just to let you know, always send back the same poke that was traded over when you ask for cloning. If you truly want that pokes, ask first before keeping it.

    In this case, I didn't care if you kept it, but you should ask. Sometimes people send a special poke over in good faith to show they can be trusted with your special poke. Keeping it without asking would be considered a suspicious act.

    Who's latios was that, btw? I hope it wasn't special to you, because I probably won't keep it. If you want it back, tell me.
    LOL. I feel like that sometimes, but I'm the last person on Earth to be considered perfect and I usually discover people can be friends if the keep working through a problem.

    Where are you? I have your original and clone ready.
    Hmm. I look at profiles when I'm on VM. And if you look at mine, it's very clear which FC belongs to which Pokemon game. I try to make a point of not confusing potential traders. That's why my Sig has my FC for Pearl only. That's the one I use most.
    I'll go out and check it against the one in your profile, that's the one I used.
    All right, which FC do you want me to use?

    Use my Pearl.

    Don't take too long answering this time. If I get busy doing RNG or other trades, you'll end up waiting or not getting this done until tomorrow or later.
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