well let start of as I am girl that just loves fairies in general as well i do love shiny pokemon. I am a bit of perfectionist so i tend to like things to go perfect. I RNG 4th and 5th generation pokemon but excludes entralink cuaz i never liked dream world game play so i relay on friends to get me dream world dw ability pokemon if needed to rng. Im pretty familiar with the rng mechanics of 4th and 5th gen. I do one day want to learn to emulator rng on 3rd generation soon as well as expand my rng knowledge so excuse me if i get something wrong with you RNG veterans i just don't know better. I also am a bit quick tempered when angry so please don't freak if i say something mean. I normally don't mean anything what i say when angry.
Favorite Pokémon
My Characteristic
A little quick tempered


wifi black competive battling: 4298-2266-7507​
PS: FairyWitch​
If you want to battle just let me know...need every bit of practice to get better​