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  • ok i stole your team like a bitch but used scarf mence > dnite and it is SO GOOD
    eggbert of bodom??!?! oh boy

    also happy bday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ask your parents to get you a stripper or something
    forretress is broken, why do you think i use him so much?!?! all 3 hazards, rapid spin, AND amazing coverage with volt switch/earthquake/gyro ball!
    Those are all obvious suspects, but we can't forget Uxie. Dual screens, rocks, and yawn??? I'm simply baffled it's escaped banishment this long. It's choice specs Hidden power fighting/fire do loads to it's most common switch ins.
    You may want to focus on Skarm as well, with sturdy and taunt it'll probably get up hazards, putting the opponent at an unfair disadvantage!
    Just realized your Avatar is Cloyster's face. Def thought it was Gengar's for a looooong time haha
    Not too sure yet, since the direction of that thread can drastically change by the hour. All the Deoxys-D talk made me smh, and then you came to revive the pro-Deoxys-S camp :D
    your posts are golden - couldn't have said it better myself. The fact that you actively use Dual Screen Deoxys-S helps bolster your argument!
    lol dd latios is one of those mons that i always theorymon about but never actually try because these theorymons are always offensive and i am bad at finding offensively-synergetic partners...aka i'm a pussy

    have you tried hp fire tr reuniclus? the amount of scizors that thing has killed is unbelievable. shadow ball is useless because i have cb scizor to pursuit lati@s / opposing reu. also, focus blast is the worst move in the game, both on reu and especially gengar. whyyy do they not get aura sphere

    another mon you might wanna try is sub SD acrobatics flight gem gliscor, aka the gayest pokemon ever - i've been robbed of SO many wins by its sand veil bullshit and i've robbed nearly the same amount of wins from my opponent. its been the focus of my last 3 teams and it nearly never disappoints
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