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  • i will vote to ban the following:

    baton pass [seriously those chain teams are so gay]

    also yeah i've been playing uu. abusing sub roost zapdos + taunt wow mew is so fun lol
    gl with school man, come back to mons soon!

    ps i peaked at 1463 so i will soon be posting yet another rmt

    pps my avatar rulez
    Hey dude, we never talk but I noticed you talking about a Rain Mixnite in the OU megathread, would you mind giving me the EV's and some tips on what to partner it with? I'm revamping some old Rain teams.
    yo when you next see me on su, help me test some gen 4 teams? no one is ever on the ladder, even on po server :(
    lol i've been using sun and its been working alot better than my rain/sand/nonweather has. i'll pm you the teams i've been using
    i'm currently trying (and failing) to spot a weakness in your new team

    if i don't get a rate up by tomorrow consider it 10/10
    haha thanks! we can do gen 4 and maybe clear skies gen 5?

    also how did you like my music :o
    yo i uploaded a wifi battle on youtube where i used dark horse, hope its cool with you (i gave credit ofc)

    here is the link
    I'm just waiting for someone to respond atm, if they don't join then sure, I'll let you know either way.
    lmao thanks. i might try for special permissions, and if i get them i will vote to ban all perma weather, thundurus, and excadrill. itd be a fun metagame
    from what youve been posting in dst i assume youre kinda crazy about trying new things in gen 5 haha, cant believe you have the patience to do that

    i managed to get to 1446 then excadrill decided to fuck over my landorus...i dont plan to play again until the next round lol
    hey on the dark horse team did you ever try cb nite? i've been experimenting with it on po server and its really good
    If you get a chance, would you mind rating my team ?
    Don't feel obligated, but I'd really appreciate it if you get a chance.
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