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  • its very good (imo), it actually has some influence from you but i wont spoil anything lol

    the who are great, but i gotta say lamb of god > all
    i feel like taking a survey

    what is your favorite band??????

    also once i post my last gen 4 team for 1k i demand a rate
    omg dude out of boredom i've been using your team in gen 5 and it actually does really fucking well lmao
    my god your team is reliable, if i had to win a pkmn match to save my life i'd use it
    if those fuckers don't archive i'm going to shoot them

    (you can put "BKC peaked #1 with this team on 3 different servers" so it sounds cooler in the thread ^^)
    Oops, one more thing. In the last paragraph:

    "Skarmory takes little damage, even after a Screech or two, from Flygon and can set up on it or attack."

    Sorry about that.
    At your Screen Flygon, you can go to Edit, Go Advanced, then change the tag to [Done].

    Also: "Running 216 Speed EVs allows Flygon to surpass base 95 Pokemon such as Gliscor and Electivire, while 176 Speed EVs allows Flygon to beat neutral natured base 90 Pokemon, like Adamant Lucario."

    Small nitpicks. Should be okay to go then!
    Hey Eggbert,

    You can VM or PM GP checkers asking them to GP check your analysis. That would be more convenient than bumping your analysis a few times.

    Good luck!
    I'm sorry that Flygon hasn't been receiving so much attention from us GPers (let alone all of Ubers and OU). We've been focusing on cleaning up the huge swamp that is UU, but don't worry, we'll be eventually getting to OU!
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