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  • I'm sorry for the late reply! I had to pick up my bro from college today. Bluh.
    Thanks! xD

    Bluh, I keep missing you. I've been looking for jobs lately, so interviews out the wazoo. :/
    I'm free to trade later today from 4 PM EST until like midnight or so. Just let me know what time you prefer. :>

    Aww, I see! I heard lots of people struck out by round 3 at the LCQ, it sucks. :[
    But that's pro! Good job on getting there! :D
    Maybe I'll have a chance to go to Vancouver next year. xD
    I'll still prolly be at nats though, that's for sure. We should totes meet up there if you go!
    I'm sorry, I missed your VM. When would you like to trade? How was worlds?
    It's been 13 hours and I'm dead so we'll have to trade later, sorry
    That's like 6 AM for me. .-.
    If I'm still awake then, we can trade.
    Well that will be tomorrow morning for me at 7 :s Do you not have Wifi, to use Wifi install WAP settings on your router. I might be able to make it online maybe for next 13 hours!! that will be 8:00 am smogon time
    El Fenomeno please stop begging I told you that I will trade you the Litwick, time and effort went into SID abusing my IDs for that Raikou so like I said you need a trade thread for it thank you!!!
    i can rng the aron do you have a dw female heracross and dw female foongus/amoongus
    Thanks for the offer, and for mostly following the rules, but I don't need anything EV Trained at the moment. I'll keep you in mind once the VGC '13 rules come out.

    Thanks again.
    I have to pokeshift a couple of those over to my White version and EV them there, which may take a bit. How about I let you know when I'm done and we can set up a trade from there?
    I still have to Pokeshift Uxie and Azelf over to my Black. However, once I get that done you can have them anytime that I catch you on.
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