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  • Hey we are playing for OST, I am PT, when are you free?
    Hey, my timezone is EST. I'm free on this weekend on Sunday, we can play then if you are available.
    Man, it's been a long time since I've been here. Just popping by to say hi, though I must ask--is it normal for people to randomly come over to your profile to wish you a happy birthday?
    BTW, still got that team, and I'm thinking about some changes, since I'm using it competitively.
    Currently it's Azelf/Mamoswine/Heatran/Terrakion/Rotom-W/Zapdos. I need something that can help me take Water attacks; I'll probably put it over Mamoswine, or if it has Stealth Rocks, Azelf. It should be able to help me revenge things well. Got any ideas that fit?
    I'm in Smogon under -UserN-Jasmine right now. Chat before battling, still throwing random stuff together to make a team. :P
    BTW, looked through my teams and it turns out I have no actual standard OU teams. @_@
    Mind if I use someone's importable? Depending on my luck I might be able to throw together an actual team but if not I'll just have to use someone else's team. XD
    Alright. Should be a good day, hopefully not too much homework. Guessing Wifi on Smogon server?
    Guess I'll have to get rid of that Imposter Ditto. :P
    Back. Hope to see you again soon. :3
    Still need that battle. >:|
    Next time you post, make sure to post a tier too. ;P
    Are there any other tournaments after that other than the Smogon tournament? Besides the Pokemon League one (the FB group) which if you need help organizing feel free to ask.
    Server down some seconds, me too. Go again to smogon, just press advanced connection. Is the same IP.
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