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  • Alright, well there are two different Pokemon I would suggest. If you're looking for a more offensive revenge killer, then Starmie would be excellent for that. You could use the Choice Specs set to basically kill anything you need to. You could also use a Choice Scarf set to be sure that you're going to outspeed the opposing Pokemon, though the power of your moves will be reduced. If you're looking for a more defensive Pokemon then I would go with Unaware Quagsire. It can come in on any Pokemon that has boosted its stats and just cripple it with Toxic or Yawn, and then kill it using Scald and Earthquake. Scald is especially useful because it has the burn chance, and that will allow you to take care of physical threats. Both of those Pokemon can take Water-type attacks well, so yeah. I would replace Mamoswine with whatever Pokemon you choose, because you need the entry hazard support.
    Okay. And it's called Standard OU on the Smogon server, not Wifi. And yeah haha I guess you will.
    Hey, welcome back man! I missed you. :(

    About that battle, I'll probably be able to play you sometime this weekend. I'm not allowed to play on the weekdays so yeah, sorry. Let's play standard BW OU, in a best two out of three format.
    Well, he/she changed his/her username to Darkaxis, but he/she was saying something about seizures. XD

    And alright, let's schedule a time then. How about sometime next Thursday?
    Yeah, he's been here for some time but he hasn't been active recently for some reason. And ah, tough luck.
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