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  • sweet! I really can't wait for this. Im restarting both games on the weekend if I can find my sp
    Yep, I'm definitely excited for it's release. I'll be waiting on day one! I hope it will not dissapoint (by the looks of it, it shouldn't)!
    Oh, I had good pokes from 28-35, then great Pokes from 35-42 (TTar/Mence/Registeel). Although the TTar and Mence sets were terrible, once I got Sandstorm up, I sent in Registeel and it was GG against Regi's Toxic/Iron Head/Double Team/Iron Defense set... that is the best Poke in the factory, imo.

    I'm surprised I got so far with my crummy team from 42-49, but I wish I could have got that one last win... oh so close...! I posted the battle 49's wifi number in the records thread.
    ...I just lost on Battle 49 in the factory... yep, the Gold Print match... that burns me up so much to be soooo close, and then lose. You can read my post in the records thread, and I'll upload the final battle vid to wifi, so you can watch the Gold Print slip away... lol
    yep, the first turn was a fiasco, but don't forget about Psycho Cut missing Poliwrath (only explanation was Brightpowder hax) and then I sleep 3 turns without waking. yeah, it reminded me why I stopped playing Factory a while ago. But today, I'm up to 28 and still going... wish me luck!

    Nice Golden Sun pics, by the way... can't wait for that game and B/W!
    Alright, I was foolin' around in the Factory today and got epicly haxed out in the 18th battle... I dunno, hax are fun to watch when it isn't you! 28-22012-95807
    Well, you got the hax at first with Latios' Meteor missing, then Gallade critting it! And then Double Team Shuckle... lol, that's all I have to say. I can't remember if I have a good Factory vid on my VS recorder (I use it for Factory fights too) if I do I'll let you know!
    It will never convice me <_< , do you call this a professional drawing?If I worked for Gamefreak/The Pokemon company and saw "An Artist" from our company draw such a thing I would fire him....plus there's no point in revealing two evolutions at once instead of all three together , they didnt introduce the starters one by one or two and then one either....and c'mon 2D Pokabu...
    Lmao , I saw this 2 days ago but the thing not because Iris is in the photo that means everything is real , some random dude could've just had the "Iris" thing earlier than us and drew that beta picture.
    No Im saying.....the evolutions are CONFIRMED to be the actual ones?
    Or still not 100% confirmed?
    Yes, I was already 100% behind a warrior otter evo, and a SAMURAI evo? Well, I'm behind that 101%. And my MS Paint skills are second to none, no?
    Bingo, right on. The more you look at it, the more it looks like the new Pokemon Ononokusu... I made it in MS Paint using a TTar sprite and an axe I found with a google search. haha
    That it is, though I'm much better at figuring out the puzzles now than I was back then. lol I remember having so much trouble with the venus statue puzzle...

    Dark Dawn has a lot to live up to
    And I see you are a Golden Sun fan as well? Excellent taste. I named my youTube account after that game... it's that good.
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