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  • All right, well, anytime that you can, let me know, I have a fairly open schedule. Would Wifi or PO be easier if there ever is a chance?
    Perhaps we could do some practice battles over either wifi or PO sometime? I've been trying to find a good pokemon to put in the final slot of my team, but haven't had too much luck, although I think I may be on to something.
    I notice you are building a sandstorm team. PLEASE let me help, THIS IS MY KNOW-IT-ALL-AREA. I have over 60 pokemon i have raised for sand teams9some without realization) ever since i finally got my tyranitar, and Ive used various strategies to take down just about everything on the list, INCLUDING MANY rain teams. If you need help you should ask me. For starters, one might be:

    (note g-chomp and excadrill are uber so im not sure if youre counting those).
    movesets/stats later if you want
    Reuniclus is quite good due to the fact that it has magic guard and it's quite bulky. Two sand-summoners is a bit much, so I'd choose one or the other. Golurk and DW gliscor are also quite effective in sandstorm teams. Landorus with choice scarf is a bit like a 2nd excadrill, so not completely necessary. I'd reccomend a level 1 aron with sturdy, endeavor, and a shell bell as a nice, annoying pokemon. Ferrothorn is nice due to its great typing. Any rock types greatly appreciate the 1.5 sp def boost from the sandstorm. Those are the pokemon that I use as part of my sandstorm team as well as some of the ones you mentioned.
    I usually train pokemon that either I currently want to put into a team, think might be useful in the future for making a team, or just to make some crazy pokemon with gimmicky movesets. In order from the most used to least used of course :P
    I'm not exactly sure what you mean by "individually," but I aquire my pokemon by breeding them about 99% of the time by passing on the iv's with the power items so that I can put together a team. You should join the group "SINGLE BATTLERS" that GARCHOMPZILLA just started up, the group has slowly been growing but he'd love extra people. People are free to post strategies, records, and more, so it's fun to just browse through.
    i do either one but i like to sweep the heck out of people or focus on attack mainly. though that doesnt mean i dont like to use creeselia or gliscor or etctera.
    yo if u need help battling i can help if u need a reference ask da chortler. I taugt a 9 year old who didnt know what pokemon was how to ev train/play professionally in 2 weeks once.
    If you want a good place to practice, I reccomend downloading Pokemon Online. It's a battle simulator that allows you to build your own team in a matter of minutes and pit it against others. I could help you out with getting better if you'd like. I also don't really know anyone personally that plays competetively, I've just kind of worked my way up over the years to the point that I'm a "worthy opponent," I'm just not fantastic at building teams :P
    Your welcome, seemed like a good group to join, and your welcome for telling you, hope you found the picture
    Kinda creepy, but I was on FalseOracle's page and I saw your question about her avatar, I believe I found it once when I typed "Galvantula" in on Google search and went to "images"
    Fantastic group you have set up, I think It will be quite successful if word gets around and you continue to add threads.
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