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  • yes i will do it for mawile and an evd version of it when you are done.. nothing more
    is this a deal?
    i can get it unshiny and with sky attack no problem:P
    and no i only have 31/31/31/22/30/31 in Diamond for JOlly and impish;P
    i know
    will respond later:P
    but since you vm'd i ll tell you that i cant do the cp since i dont have a shiny spread for that
    you should add my Heartgold code, since im getting the error message you havent added me or w/e :P
    sure, add my HG cart, ill get on, just be sure to return a copy of unown back to me :P
    It would be best to ask Eo Ut Mortus. I don't have anything to do with it any more.
    I switch to Zelda often. But now I have Mario Galaxy 2 to do, or the latest Metroid if I get bored of Pokemon. Anyhow, I had another fail on hitting the delay, so I'm off to get my stuff done. Talk to you later.
    I am trying to get a manaphy instead of the dishes. I keep saying "Put the game down. Put it down!" But then I think, one more try.... Yeah.

    But this is the last try. It's getting to late in the afternoon to keep messing around.
    It's super cute. :-) Shaymin looks like it's warping from some flowery dimension.
    It may help, but they should also be rare. I was thinking of removing other people's common Pokémon, such as Smogon redistributables.
    I was just joking xD But if you do want to EV train 1 Pokémon for me, you may choose 1 Pokémon from my 'What's Next Buckert?' list, train it like that and keep a copy for yourself. ^^

    Only is you are still bored :p
    I'm sorry about that message earlier, I was looking where my thread was, and then I saw a thread named SHOULD BE CLOSED with your name under it, and it was kinda late so I wasn't paying full attention anymore so I thought you closed your joint thread xD Just my bad, sorry for asking :p
    Yeah, I tried to consider waiting. I really did. Then I realized I'd just kick my butt all the time for not having the game now, so I bought it.
    About usual, most of the time. Looking forward to getting my Pokemon Black game. :-) Somehow, I have to figure out how to RNG the SID despite the algorithm not being cracked.
    I was planning to do a roselia for myself, so I can do that one for you. Does it matter if it's shiny or not? Do you have a preference for that or the nature?
    Sorry for the rushed conversation last night. Let me know what you want bred. I can probably do something next week for you.

    I'm sorry to hear you've been feeling bummed out. Me too. I've been getting that off and on. :-(
    The giveaway didn't go exactly as we meant to.. At least in my opinion.
    Wanna try for Skitty?
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