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  • i dont know what you mean by renderers but... if you cant do it im sure it cant really be done so if that doesnt work out, you could do something with a dialga and mewtwo goin at it or something then of in the distance a snorlax just being fat eating something or something lol
    I finished the CP but it wouldnt let me post!!! :( I would like the banner to have stewie pointing a laser gun at a pikachu that is all scared! that would be sweet! VM me when your ready and if there is any problems! :))))))))
    Aww you're off again. :( Was wondering if you could check some IV's/EV's for me :p
    I'm probably going to use all the characters. Some examples:
    1. A banner with the words: "Battle Me" and it should have a picture of Dawn/Hikari (Platinum outfit) on it.
    2. A banner with the words: "SS Breeding Projects" and it should have a picture of Lyra/Kotone on it.
    3. A main banner with all the pokemon characters on it if possible.
    These are just some examples, but we can work something out hopefully. I have a lot of banners to ask for lol.
    fatecrashers is already making me a main one, but you could make me one that says My Stuff if you want?
    Hello, I noticed you can make banners. Can you make Pokemon (the anime) themed banners?
    ok perfect but if he wants it modest then i will just use a rebattle code although i have never done it before...
    ok but stavros actually asked for it first but im not putting him ahed of you or anything but do you mind if i put it as a CP for ETS and Stavros? Its only gonna be 2 credits
    thats the whole point of captures!! I'm sorry but its gotta be a dive ball because it was MADE for a shiny suicune! Also i have to go to a museum for extra credit (lame) but then im hanging out with my dad on sunday so it could take till monday but if monday rolls around, its free of charge :)
    All of my shiny spreads are on my thread in the first post if you want to check em out. But no i only have the HP grass timid/modest spread :( but i think im gonna get that next or maybe HP fire...
    Lapras? Lanturn? ummm idk if you dont want or cant think of anything, dont be afraid to back out of the deal as i will not be mad :)
    Umm i accidentally caught him... :P (no RNG or anything and he doesnt have any good stats like i think he has a 31 in att or something but UGHHH i wish i didnt same with entei to :( but i still have latias and latios (enigma stone) but im still deciding what nature and stuff i want so if it couldnt be a roamer, that'd be nice lol
    Ok but ill have to finish it tomorrow or sunday as I have have to go to bed in 10 minutes and I have one other CP. Shouldnt take long though. Free of Charge
    Hey, I can do that Heatran for you but I would have to use a rebattle code...
    yup i mean i have most of the legendary's but i could use a rebattle code if you dont care
    I would be able to do a CP for you. As long as I have that shiny spread, though. And if I'm interested with the pokemon. :P
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