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  • Long time no see. I think I'm coming back and opening a trade thread again, and was looking at the banners you did for me. You are in Maui? I'm there right now for vacation (Kihei).
    Just a note, I'm trying to shoot for something that would look very intimidating, as I'm both a guy, and a clan leader trying to look positively cool for my clanmates. lol
    I'm so sorry about the delay. Got distracted by lots of things and forgot to check back here. Anyhow, here's a rough idea of what I'd like.

    I'm needing a banner-style signature, made for a Serebii clan named Team Enchanted Gardens (also known as TEG), where I'm the Co-Leader, of one of the two divisions in it (the Water Division).

    I'm thinking of having two pokemon on the banner itself, one facing the left, and one on the right, on opposite sides: I'm thinking of either Milotic and Samurott, or just Samurott, whichever one brings out the best effect.

    Blue is the dominant color, with water being the general theme. I don't know what to put in there, so just do your best to make it look really cool, as I'm a guy. LOL

    I'd like the following text put in:

    In the best possible place, place my username (which is the same both here and on Serebii) above the following smaller-lettered text, with matching width:

    TEG Co-Leader, Water Division

    TEG Water Division Leader
    I saw some of your banners you've made for someone else....EPIC!!!

    Could you make me one? I'm a co-leader leader for a pretty big Serebii clan, and I need a really good sigpic & a smaller userbar for myself to use...

    Would you be able to do me a huge favor and make them? If you say yes, then I can give you minor details on what I would like...
    Heya I saw your banners done for Buckert's trade thread... Stellar job! I especially love the Unova Chandelure banner. :3
    jo!, i fix the wi-fi problem on my ds ltk how many credits i owe you,and i need all the areas banner's ill tell you wich poke i need
    Well..... I tried doing rng abuse on the 5th gen. but it's more complicated than on the 4th gen. And yeah, i think I'm more of an artist as well.
    Hey Bro, I have a question that I want to ask you. And I want you to be honest with me.

    Do you think I'm more of an artist/animator rather than a RNG abuser?
    I choose....... hmmmm..... Aizen. The evil butterfly looking white guy.

    Man, You have..... a really good taste and a good talant of making banners for people. :D
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