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  • Eol
    i suck with time zones


    so if right now it is 6:15 PM where I live, and I could be online around this hour and later maybe tomorrow, certainly Sunday, would it be alright for you?
    Hey there Mr Eol, Im just wondering.. would you be able to add my FC ? =) You have a lovely Vivillion in your Safari, I'd really like to breed one! I have Fire, ninetales, larvesta and pansear... my FC is : 4554-1356-5382
    Sorry, missed you being online.. Hopefully we'll see each other online again soon!
    In case you hadn't notice, we were online simultaneously yesterday, so you should have access to Vivillion now!
    Haha yeah, it's a miracle! =P Thanks a lot. ^^
    aw thanks! well, 13th place isn't bad! cap voters are confusing sometimes. good luck with yours! you're doing awesome for your first time. you should make an art thread in smeargle's studio, you have lots of fans already!
    Ah, thank you. :) I hope you do well with your design! I love it, and I will be voting for it!
    Your first prevo looks much better now, (the majority on #cap agree), so good job!
    You can if you want, but I just think that your colours should reference Aurumoth more, they don't suit Aurumoth whatsoever.
    Eol, I love your prevos, I really do. The thing letting it down though is the colours, and I really want you to change them to suit Aurumoth more :/
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