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  • What time do you wanna start tomorrow? I'l be on at like 10am tomorrow as I don't have anything going on.
    Well, I'm off school for a week now, and since I don't have much going on, I can come on at pretty much anytime. I will normally go online between 10am and 12pm, and I am normally on IRC as NoRespect or PO as - NR -.
    Friday should work out just fine, I can probably do it anytime from 9:30-12:30 my time, GMT -8, so 18:30-21:30 your time?
    Well I'm always online, send an mp with their schedules will stay on in smogon from 14 hours to 20 hours every day.
    I just finished Hades' treasure board. Aww yeah :D

    I think i'm done for good this time haha. Boss rush seems possible, but i'll need tons of practice and the right items. It also eats like an hour of my time per attempt so i'm going to ignore it for now.

    I'm at 101% completion now too lmao.
    Lady Palutena! I missed you so much...

    I cannot believe I didn't say A.Y at ALL after finishing all of the stages on 9.0. Time to rectify that.

    The defense on the Gaol blade was nice, but the speed made a world of difference. I could dominate the stage now. The mimicuties were a joke, after beating them so many times the bosses couldn't touch me, and you were a 100% right, the enemies before the kracken weren't hat bad. All I had to do was snag a shield and go for the fort oink first while turning away from everything else. The 3GST treasures actually kicked my ass a few times so I had to get creative; I saved up trade off just for him XD. Man it feels so good to finish every stage on 9.0... we're like the elite of KI:U. Absolutely crazy, but awesome at the same time.

    Fuck yes, I love this game for pushing me so hard.
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