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  • Good. and she started crying. I couldn't see her face cuz were two hours apart, but she said she couldn't stop smiling
    Like a knight in rusty armor
    Or a geeky kid in his room
    My love for you is mistaken
    As one that holds untrue

    My valor is not seen much
    But trust me it's still there
    My chivalry is as normal
    As sitting in a chair

    I am not much a poet
    But I know what stays true
    No matter what the circumstances
    I'm still falling for you

    I love you with all I have
    And I hope you feel the same
    But even if you didn't,
    Who am I to blame?

    My love is not uncommon
    And very understood
    I'm in love with a maiden
    Who came out of the hood

    Please excuse my jest
    And please excuse my rhymes
    And I know it is very late
    I keep up with the time

    Yes, violets are blue
    And roses are red
    I'm saying this here
    Lying in bed

    Yes, roses are red
    And violets are blue
    But none of these rhymes
    Describe just how much I am totally falling for the most beautiful girl I have ever found just so indescribably beautiful I never want anyone else but you.

    it was the first and my sweetest so far :3
    Good. Our marching band shirts this year are awesome! I'm about to change my avy to the cool part of the shirts. Wbu? How are you? What's up?
    Of course! Friends are friends right?

    It's going pretty well, he's in college and in a different timezone DX, but you gotta get through it.
    Working on a corvette? NICE! /jealous
    Aww, it's always hard to lose a best friend, let alone two. I'm sorry.
    Not a whole lot. i wrote a poem that got second place in a huge district contest. the judges called my writing teacher to ask if I copied it off the internet O_O

    Wanna read it?
    Lol. is it prof pic it actual picture? Cuz if it was ud look so cute red :3 lol
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