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  • First of all: Welcome back :) Free RPG still has your place kept up.

    Second: Maya and I are going out!!! I am so happy :DDD
    so many questions! ah! lol

    1.) stabbed me in the back

    2.) was being a general ass

    3.) its a game brand of computers and that one is a desktop
    We have only one cat still alive that lives outside. His name's Shadow. We once had FOUR female cats outside and each one had a litter of kittens at one point, within days of each other >_>

    Only one cat out of the 4 females and 15 kittens survived for more that a year after that: Shadow.

    Anyway, I can't go to an animal shelter. I get really depressed at how the dogs and cats that just want a friend are left in those cages and tiny pins :(
    I have 3 dogs.

    1). JAZmine (don't ask): half doxen, half long-hair Chiwawa (My spelling is horrid on these breeds). She's about 11 years old. Good girl, but territorial.
    2). Reeses: Pure-bred long-hair Chiwawa. She's More like a small, fluffy Chupacabra!! I love the fluffy thing though :D
    3). Anubis: Half Black Lab, half Boxer. We keep him outside and he thinks he is the size of Reeses though he weighs about 85 pounds....

    I am a sucker for animals >_>
    I really have no idea either >_>

    sadly, I have an extreme soft spot for bob-tailed cats and this one is :(

    I really want it to be mine......but it most likely will be taken off and placed in someone ele's yard up the road.....
    Well, not exactally that much right now. Found a stray kitten outside my home that I've never seen before, but we don't allow cats inside, so its gotta stay out. It has to be someone's because it's front left leg from the paw to elbow is dyed blue.
    not much. BS finally pissed me off too much n i called him on it n then we compromised n DP pissed me off so i told him off too. Haven't seen him in a while. Mostly been working to save up for a Alienware Desktop of my own
    To me, yes. I left and came back twice since u n ar1on left. Now I only do rpg's and play lotro when im on the computer. whats been going on with u?
    Well, either way, I know everyone would like to see you return.

    Of course RL comes first, but just know that we're here for you (even those who just joined as you were leaving [Me >_>]).
    Ahh, so you have returned for a little while!

    No wolf and a face in its place proves it! Is this little sign of life a glimmer of hope that you will return to Free RPG?

    Sorry for lurking >.> but, you remind me of my cousin.

    She is obsessed by wolves!! Every inch of her romm is covered with wolves. It is crazy!!

    Anyway, I second DEMo is saying that you avatar is pretty awesome :)
    lol good, cause we want you in the RP's! Plus it's nice to hear from you more than on just seemingly random occasions in the spam room
    No really, join in, we want all members to participate. And we just made a new one, its about 4 pages in and nothing has really happened, why dont you join that one?
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