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  • It's ok for this friday i think, on groudon's grotto or another server?
    Ok, I am GMT +1 and I'm usually online in my afternoons, but I am so busy this week because I have exams, so I think I'll be freer on Friday and weekend

    Add me if you want to pokebasket@hotmail.es
    I haven't received the answer... so tomorrow, rdv on groudon grotto, i will waiting u here
    Im replying to your VM so you don't try and get activity over me. I am ready to play and tried to play today, but after 5 days you're still not ready, so I am still waiting. You can contact me through HC/Nelson or on here. Bye.
    So, I build and when I'm here, I go to the server Groudon Grotto on PO. Join me on this server.
    we have to play for eos tour ill be on irc quite often in the next few days so you can catch me there. if not we can set up a time(my timezone is gmt)
    I'm connect on Smogon (Pokemon Online) when i'm here, so join me on the server.
    Hi, we have to play for the ADV OU SmackDown Tournament. What's your timezone and when are you goin to be available to play?
    Hi, we have to battle for the adv tournament. At what times are you usually online?
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