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  • dude i said give me a minute, plus i have to dc my internet cord to hook up my router thats all
    gg. I'd call that hax fairly balanced, considering Ice Beam has about a 50/50 shot of OHKOing 252/0 Groudon (I'm assuming that's the set you were running), Scizor resists DM (and was OHKOed from full health, anyway, wasn't it?), and anything I can do with one crit EQ on the switch I can do with two before you move (with EQ doing 46-54% by my calcs, Protect-stalling wouldn't have helped).
    Sorry, I was taking care of something PO-related. Are we doing Ubers? Is that the plan?
    sorry about the sudden DC, wasnt my fault though, damn it was going smootly 5-5 as well :/. but gg while it lasted
    I'm planning on posting a video on my channel that'll include instructions on obtaining a bunch of sprite mods. It should go up in the next few weeks.
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