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  • Why didn't I think about eating potato chips with a spoon? It looks so convenient... no mess on your hands. Such an amazing idea from the most intelligent person ever. ♥
    La la ♪

    You're the prettiest person I've ever seen. If you were a parasol lady, I would pale in comparison to you. ♥
    You're unsure of what I am? I'm your cute little Bunny of course. :3

    Little animal that hops around, tall ears, eyes on the side of the head, has fur that can be a variety of colours, and eats plant stuff.
    Strawberry Pop-Tarts are this... rectangle shape thing, with this white sugar glaze on top with multicolour sprinkles and this strawberry filling inside. They're quite tasty.
    Oh boy... I remember that day. Perhaps I should have taken a picture so we could share such a lovely memory. Nah... I think it would be better to not have visual proof of that...

    That was an... interesting day to say the least. I never thought I would have done such a thing before.
    I was curious and I don't know anyone else who even talks about it. Remember that one picture I sent you? The one that said "Good friends talk about their sex lives. Best friends talk about their poop." :p
    Oh really? What about my... chopping skills? My... sauce-spreading skills? Aren't they legendary as well? 'Tis a shame that you didn't get to see the entire creation of near perfection.

    Well... I had to Google that since I don't live in a country that officially uses those units of measure... even though we still use it for some things.
    You know what else is weird? Why is your country using old British units of measure when your country fought them to become independent? And it's so weird... 3 feet in a yard? 1760 yards in a mile? Talk about annoying to work with...
    Sleep? What's this sleep you speak of? I've never heard of such a silly thing.

    Also, what's a "president"? Is that like... a Prime Minister? If so, then yes, you may be the president.
    Wow, Tarkata is quite difficult to come by around these here parts. I'll have to sell some more of our pig semen to get enough money for someone to kill one. After that we'll have to slaughter the pigs to make an offering to lure one here. Then, we'll have to empty all of the gas out of our tractor to be able to cook it to be toasty. It will be a great dinner... I love making my wife happy.
    Hey Mabel

    I shot this deer here so that's what we're going to eat for dinner. What kind of veggies have you pulled up to go with this here? I really like your cooking... it fills me up great. <3

    Hold on... you want me to hold it on my head while I bring it to you on rollerblades? That sounds incredibly risky. Perhaps I should make it closer to the intended destination...

    Do you know of any facilities nearby that would permit me to make such a masterpiece?
    A kitten out of frosting? On top of a cake? Challenge accepted. You'll have to figure out a way for me to get it to you though.
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