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  • Oh yeah, two things:
    1) Just to verify, you got the message that I'd like to trade for your Gardevoir instead?
    2) If possible, it would be awesome if you could return a clone of the Yanmega.

    Going online now!
    did you ever see my post in your thread about your hp ground houndoom
    Thank you :) I had suspicions on him for a while since he avoided answering my questions and PMs. Glad he was finally blacklisted.
    Hello again ezequiel. I was wondering if you were going to blacklist Rakuen. He has logged on since your post and warning in his thread but has yet to take it off. I am also now suspicious about his brother "Cristiano95" who has an almost identical trade thread to Rakuen.
    I see :) Personally I think he should be blacklisted seeing how he didn't take it off after a month >.> He already has lots of suspcions around him.
    Oh, was going to link you but guess you found it :x Are you sure it's yours? A.S.S is you?
    Hey ezequiel. Did you ever confirm that Houndoom in Rakuen's thread was yours? He still has it up in his thread and is offering it to people.
    Dah man! Well..... if I can't get them from you, could I get them from the people who got them from you? That is.... if I have your permission. Please?
    Well.... I have the shiny rampardos and I have shiny cloyster (not with rapid spin) but I have to check them first cause I got them from pokecommunity.
    I was thinking about offering two of my HG/SS breedable pokemon for the pikachu and the sableye. The Evd mismagius with Nasty plot, fighting HP, and good iv's; and the UT totodile with aqua jet and good iv's.
    I want to ask if I can trade you something for your pikachu with counter and sableye with seismic toss. I've asked september and the others who one, but they that I have to ask you because they said they don't have redis rights to trade them. So they told me to come and ask you. Please?
    Okay. I'll try and keep my DS online later today so that you can just join in. I won't be able to get on until about 5-5:30 PM EST though, but I should have a few hours I can stay online then. You wanted the egg and one NNed, right?
    No, it's not that. It's just that I haven't had any time to trade all week due to school working pilling up faster than I can finish it. If you can be online in about 3 hours from when I make this post, I can trade then. If not, I'll be able to trade about this time Friday if that works for you.
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