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  • Well, maybe that's how it works now. You used to have to hit your seed once just to find where you were between frame 40 and frame 60. Then you hit it again and did the number of advances to get from where you were to where your target frame is.

    I don't know how RNG reporter can find what the starting frame is by itself unless by knowing the starting time of the seed it also knows where every random NPC in Route 3 and figures out where you are frame-wise... Well, if it works, it works.
    so let's say i use frame 82 (main rng window). it has the right nature/gender/ability and it will give me the correct IVs

    what i have to do is 82-46 = 36
    meaning 36 chatot flips?
    That's just for your IVs. You have a separate RNG for getting the right nature, ability, gender, and shininess. You need to put one of the seeds you get from Time Finder in RNG Reporter's "Seed" box. After hitting "Generate," you need to scroll down PAST frame 60 and find a frame that has the right nature AND the right inherited IVs. So if you searched for /x/x/x/31/31/31 in Time Finder, and you want a perfect offspring, and you have a perfect father, for example, you want to find one that says /Ma/Ma/Ma/x/x/x
    I don't know anything about the Calculate Initial IV button; if it does what it says it does, then it saves a lot of time, but my understanding is that since the starting frame changes every time you put eggs in, you can't determine your starting frame. Could be wrong.

    Anyway, what is your target frame, the one that has the correctly inherited IVs and the correct nature?
    Yes. Any instance in which the summary of the Chatot is viewed, that instance advances it by one.
    That sounds very much like a problem I had when I didn't click the "Ditto Parent" box. Are you using a Ditto parent?
    Well look at your results and see if there is a naughty nature listed on there. That frame is the one you keep landing on. Just change up your advancements and you'll get it.
    No I don't I'm just inpatient.

    Now turn off the game and hit your seed. When you start up, spam the X button to open up the menu. Look at the necessary amount of Chatot Screens to advance the frames. The exit out and as fast as you can collect the egg from the day care guy.
    Once you have it recorded, every time you look at their summary screen the PID Frame advances by 1.
    Put your Mother and father in the day care and walk around until the old guy calls you over.
    Well get Chatots and a flame body user in your party. Tell me when your there.
    Click Calculate Initial PID Frame. That's your Initial frame, but you have to add in NPCs which vary from 4-6.
    The species means nothing unless your breeding Volbeat, Illumise, or Nidoran. :P
    No you copy the seed you find into the main Window or RNG reporter and select BW breeding there.
    Yes copy it there :P

    But when you select BW Breeding as the Method it should change to just seed.
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