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  • Why do you need a list of people to kick? If there name isn't on the list in the activity thread, then kick them.
    Commence with the kicking. I have the list completely updated, and I'm 100% sure that I didn't miss anybody.
    Tabuu lost the coin toss... BUT OH MY GOD the losers bracket is going to be intense lol.
    Hey False thanks for the Tentacruel recommendation! It's really pulling its weight, and freed up a slot for me to use Rotom-W to patch up my Tornadus weakness.
    You cannot force things upon me. I am my own person. (Also thank goodness a fresh new week has started.) Sundays are my second favourite day (Next to Monday)
    You're not Russian & you don't play Chess. That's why I refuse to call you as such.
    Well, here's why.

    I call my boss ( at work ) Boss.

    I called my clan leaders on PO Boss.

    I called both my clan leaders on Serebii Boss.

    If you get the the pattern, I call the headmaster / leader of a group Boss.

    You're the leader of the group, so it would only be right to call you as such.
    Boss, would you happen to have a fresh, new, brain that suits my needs & likes? The one that's in my head melted. :(
    Um I think it was a mamoswine lol.I'd say I'm very expereinced in ou as I've been playing since dp, and I ladder quite frequently.
    Hey, welll I've been playing competitive pokemon for a very long time and am pretty active on smogon as of late so I wanted to get more involved and your group looks like a really cool place to do so. Plus I know tabuu
    Well, to be honest, I kinda wanted to know the rules before joining the group, you know what I mean?

    I'm new to competive battling, and don't really understand or know alot of the things other competive battlers know, one of the things probably being able to see the damage output (or input (?), for defencive Pokemon) of Pokemon. For example (on a different fourm) it wasn't until Sharking told me that, for Blaziken, Hi Jump Kick would deal more damage on Kyoger then Thunder Punch.
    I'm want to create a competive Pokemon team, and I started an Uber one, pretty much because I kept reseting to catch a Kyurem with good IVs (on White 2) to use as White Kyurem, and I also caught a Reshiram before that (not to use with Kyurem, but still on the same team, you know what I mean?), and it pretty much sparked something from there. I could tell you the IVs of both if you like though. I also don't like using Pokegen to create Pokemon, because it doesn't feel like I won with my Pokemon, you know what I mean?
    Um, personally, I'm kinda intimidated to browse around on the fourm, but I love reading Smogon's analysis on a bunch of different Pokemon, from Shinx in LC, to Ferrothorn in OU.

    Sorry for the long wave of text...
    Fuck. See you in the losers bracket. Maybe I'm not cut out for this super competitive shit. My nerves get to me way too much. I played like an absolute retard.
    Sir ! May I please return to your group? Please ?!?!? I won't talk nonsense about the metagame anymore! I'll also give you cookies c:

    Plus, Smogon isn't really that active anymore because TRC died

    and LOL wtf?!?!? classical music xD
    Since you like classical music, I'd recommend listening to this, relaxing music plus the sounds of nature. I think you'll really like it. (It's a hour & 45 minutes of it)

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