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  • It's more fun to figure out things yourself than me just giving you the answer, boss.

    You just responded to my statement by saying you didn't know how to respond. This means you responded to the statement in a confused way. That's HOW you responded to that statement. That, my friend, is what we call a contradiction.
    No! Please, I had a bad childhood. I was bullied up until high school because of the way I acted & I was beaten as a child. Everything is my fault. ;____;
    We ain't insulting you. We're testing your patience. You're failing mister!
    You're a calm & collected person who is very non-violent, and one who seems to enjoy being around his friends.

    Am I in the ballpark with that relatively short description?
    Well, you can't compare a European Sadist (Me) to an American Pacifist (What I perceive you as)
    I'm just going to say this.

    There is no more mysterious person in the group than me. (You're probably second most mysterious, then everyone else)
    Moar. How old are you? I'm 17, 5'8, run Cross Country, looking to join the army when I graduate from High School and then go to college and hopefully major in something involving Law Enforcement. I love making people laugh, I hate ignorant people, I enjoy shooting, hunting, fishing, murica. I just broke up with a crazy girlfriend, and my real name is Grant, not Gary. I enjoy watching Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, and How I Met your Mother. Normally when I'm not on Smogon I'm hanging with friends and or doing pushups because I love doing pushups....yeah sue me, or playing other video games such as DeadSpace, Spyro, Pokemon, and occasionally Call of Duty when I'm feeling dumb. I'm a junior in High School, about to be a senior. None of my friends know I play competitive Pokemon because I feel self-conscious about it when I really shouldn't.

    Beat that mutha fucka.
    Yes.........so are you going to mysteriously share your secrets to me?
    Good job dodging my question lol. I understand if you like to keep things private, but I don't really see an issue with sharing stuff with one of your FIRST smogon friends lol. And besides, I told you a lot about myself, and you even know my real name! I don't even know your name, or age, or affiliation, or anything.
    Are you in college? You've pretty much shared nothing about your personal life to me that I'm always wondering what the hell you're doing outside of Smogon.
    Unfortunately not at the moment. School finals are next week for me, and this week has been full of nothing but AP tests, last minute tests, and three projects. On top of that, I've been trying to keep up with my Mienshao/Lead Smeargle analysis and also work a bit on my Hydreigon discussion thread. The ranking system is of my last priority as of now, but after next week, I should be able to catch up on everything I've wanted to get done in the group as well as on Smogon in general since school will be out. I'm really excited to post my Hydreigon analysis. My Latias discussion did so well, so I can't imagine the discussion that will come out of Hydreigon, who is quite a controversial Pokemon in this metagame.
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