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  • I'll try my best, but I'm busy with school and other stuff. I will help as much as I can when I get the time to. How active do you need me to be, anyway?
    Well False Sense, I am Gekudon. Pleased to meet you. I do alot of competitive battles and I take on battling seriously. I would like to join, because I would like to experience alot in your group, and discuss about the OU enviroment, and to also have fun.
    Are you the owner of Smogon Creators Organization? If so, can i join your group? It looks pretty interesting.
    Well, it looks like a fun place, and I really do like battling competitively a lot, so that too. Anyway, I also am a pretty nice guy, so that's also a good thing to know about me. So, do I pass?
    I've never done one haha but anything to help out a friend. Would you like to help us? I'd appreciate it if you did.
    1.) People might abuse the ability to build a Hackmon by adding more than the legal amount of EVs to a specific Pokemon

    2.) Weekly isn't good enough. The bigger we get, the more that will happen in our group. Besides, a lot of stuff can happen in a week in and outside of our group. I feel like a thread as important as a daily news thread should be in the hands of a Mod.
    Hey False I'm going to take over Vetex's New thread. If he's not going to consistently update an important thread like that, then I feel like somebody who CAN update it daily, should take it over. What do you think?
    RaijueR vs. False Sense

    You have until May 17 to finish your battle. Good luck!
    family time, friends and whole lotta love hahaha
    couldn't ask for more
    I dropped the final bomb on DR4G0Nx. Sorry if you were ever planning on bringing him back in...which I highly doubt anyway.
    Of course I'll run it by you, you're the boss. I have a couple of great ideas for it, which is why I took the liberty in doing it.
    Please false? I promise i wont troll on your group or make stupid theorymons. I'll be serious and change how i act there
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