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  • i'm having surgery this Thursday and i won't be active as much
    when i first started competitive battling i was a noob but i found smogon and read up on some articles.I've been playing in OU for 2-3 years.

    i would because i can help with OU teams
    Well, DGX's RMT was basically becoming an agruement between DGX and me so a mod gave me an infraction and DGX that
    I COULD BE BANNED" Sign Hathater and dgx were talking about the mods, so DGX got banned because the mods thought that he was being rude and I'm guessing hathater got an infraction.
    um a mod thought wrong and banned me cuz he stuck his nose where it didnt belong
    i'm a pretty good strategist and a good player in OU.My experience with smogon has always been my journey into competitive battling.I would like to join cuz i'd like to share my knowledge with you guys
    hey don wanted me to join Smogon Creators Organization,

    edit: because i'm teaching uu
    I was in Kyoto. no internet. there is the reason. usually when some thing like this comes up i´ll inform about it.
    Your two weathers are Sand Stream and Drought. Remember that you have to pick which weather you're going to use for each bracket. You can't change your mind once you face your first opponent!
    From recent bans in the group to completed projects like the CCAT to grand RMTs to new releases in the pokemon department like Contrary Serperior and Shadow Tag Chandelure to people who have neen recently badged. The article will be updated every week and will have godly formatting.
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