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  • Hello there!
    I found you on a SV list. Your ID matches with one of my eggs. Now I was wondering, if it is possible that you hatch this egg and trade the shiny Pokemon back to me? In return I would trade you a Pokemon that has Pokerus.
    My FC is 2766-9207-7147, name is Kasuomi. Please just message me if you are willing to do this :) I would really appreciate it.
    Thanks in advance and all the best,
    Hey! Would you please be willing to help me hatch an egg with your SV? Thanks!
    The hatching power? Nope. xP
    Also, thanks for the Mareep! ^__^
    You have to get all of the O Powers, then max out style in Lumiose City, then he will be in one of the cafes
    Oooh, I see! Thanks! ^__^
    Hello, could you help me to hatch a shinny pokemon? I have a egg SV is 2525. My FC is 1349-4845-1245, Num♂F. Thank you!=w=
    If the SV on the egg you wanted hatched is 2525, then I can't help. My Tsv is 2425.
    Sorry it is 2425 i made a mistake~added you.Thank you~
    Hehe, that's alright! ^^ Thought so myself, but didn't want to take a chance in-case you had meant 2525. Would of been a shame ruining your egg after-all. D:
    I'll get to adding you straight away ^__^
    Hiya, I could also use a hatch of an egg matching your SV. Can't find anyone on any other communities with it. It's a Phantump with just the stats I need... I was hoping you could nickname it "Acer Rubrum".

    My FC is 0061-1069-6161. I've added you, so add me back and I'm Kallandras in-game. :)

    Let me know when you're available. I'm usually up pretty fuckin' late, but I'm located in Central US time.
    There you go! And once again, sorry for the delay. xP That's what I get for staying up closer to 4am. xP
    :D Thanks so much!

    The delay was no problem at all! Let me know if there's anything I can do to help you out at some point. My TSV is 1204, you can contact me pretty easily on reddit/r/svexchange if you search for 1204. XD
    Hehe you're welcome! ^__^ and cheers! I'll try and keep such in mind.
    your sv is 2425 yes? i have an egg of your SV, do hatch pls! my FC is 3738-0564-0243, IGN is VGZXR
    i have added you, please do add me back, i am going to sleep right now, my timezone is +5:30 GMT (india will be available in 14 hours after this message, do let me know when youre available, thanks :D
    i dont really have anything to offer, but if you need some friend safari pokemon, do ask :) thanks!
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