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  1. Shiny Pokemon Experiences

    Probably not a big deal but I've caught 2 shiny Pokemon through ultra wormholes in 2 days. A swellow and a nuzleaf. Seems almost too easy to do in there
  2. Orange Islands SQSA Thread

    So if I got the one Pikachu event from last week using the pikachu20 code how am I supposed to get this one with the same code?
  3. SPOILERS! Sun and Moon SQSA Thread

    Idk where to find this info but can a kalos native cubone evolve into alola marowak? Is this how alowak gets fire punch?
  4. Your First 100s

    My first was my squirtle in pokemon blue when I was 6. Blastoise had fissure surf hydro pump and ice beam and would kick ass. I thought Id lost it recently since all my game batteries were dying but I found it in my yellow along with all my other pokemon.
  5. The Everything NFL Thread - 2016-17 Season

    That final ravens play is probably why everyone hates us lol
  6. The Everything NFL Thread - 2016-17 Season

    Pretty annoyed about the ravens cutting forsett and butler
  7. The Everything some hero (NFL) Thread - 2015-16 Season

    Dear god eddie lacy is fat as shit lol
  8. SPOILERS! Mysteries and Conspiracies of Pokemon

    IIRC wallace says something about earthquakes damaging the sky pillar before entering it to find rayquaza
  9. Super Mystery Dungeon (Spoilers abound!)

    I just finished the story for this and im really underwhelmed. One cool part and no real difficult areas. I maybe had to restart a dungeon once or twice and never lost to any story bosses. What happened to these games? Explorers of sky had everything, cool shit, hard shit, and some variety...
  10. Sticky Have a question? Ask it here! (NOT SM QUESTIONS)

    Does anyone know what donating money does in pokemon super mystery dungeon? Just clicked it by accident and want to know if i should reload my save
  11. Worst Nuzlocke Death

    I wanted to try a nuzlocke out on pokemon yellow yesterday and i had just gotten pikachu when gary god damn oak just rips me a new one with eevee. Turn 1 thundershock crits then tackle crits. Turn 2 thundershock misses and tackle crits for the win. Screw nuzlocke im just gonna play til the...
  12. How do you pick a version?

    At first i got red and blue together but only played blue cuz turtles I got silver for lugia Ruby for groudon Diamond for dialga White for zekrom and the way the game looked different. I liked the older looking areas like the 8th gym city White 2 for continuity Y for yveltal. Also rainbow...
  13. Your first Pokemon game

    My first game was blue. My favorite was silver and soulsilver cuz lugia was a badass. On my first playthrough of blue i had just caught a diglett and talked to the day care guy for the first time. Since i was 5 i had no idea what a day care was so when he took my diglett i freaked out and left...
  14. More Flawless HA Tyrunts [COMPLETE]

    deposited lvl 40 swablu. ign alex message xen tyrunt Thanks mate!
  15. A contrary GTS giveaway [COMPLETE]

    Thank you sir. You're a hell of a guy doing a hell of a job