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  • Hi fitzy, I'm your round 1 opponent for the LC minitour. I'm GMT-5, so weekdays might be a bit tricksy. You wanna fight this Saturday, around 5 PM or so your time? If you'd prefer earlier or later I'll try to make time.
    Yeah I think that can work.
    Hey, we gotta play for SPL. I'm CST time zone (gmt -6) and relatively free late nights every day of the week, and during most morning afternoons. You can find me on IRC.
    Hi, I'm GMT +0 and also relatively free a lot of the time. Ideally best for me would be Thurs-Fri-Weekend 5-8pmish my time but I'm willing more than willing to play later as I don't expect you to play so early in the day. Tell me what would work best .
    I think I can potentially do those days but things are a little hectic around my house, so the earlier the better. Are you ever on IRC? It's probably easiest to just find me on IRC.
    hey we gotta play for spl sorry i wasnt on earlier can we play sometime today or tomorrow whats up? yeah we really fucked up on scheduling LOL
    we gotta fite again for farm league (do you really have to face me twice and pako thrice lol...)

    gmt +1, dunno if i'm confident enough in my latest team. again, u can contact me through IRC
    Hi fitzy, we have to play again for farm league. When can you play?
    Ok see you at 17:00 in your timezone
    Man I have a problem. 15 minutes ago I have an headache (migraine exactly) and I won't be able to play. Can you play tomorrow at the same time?
    Yeah sure I'll try to be there. Hope you get better.
    Hi man, we have to play for farm league r3. When do you want to play? I have not time problems this week, but if I have to choose I'd like to play Friday or Saturday. (I'm gmt +1)
    farm league, i think we are on at the same time on IRC regularly so this shouldn't be too hard, although i don't have a team i'm confident with for the new meta yet.

    gmt +1, by the way

    edit: nevermind about me not having a team yet, i got one now
    Hi, could you hatch an egg for me? I can offer you a 5 iv poke in return. I have many on hand, or I can breed one you would like. My FC: 2148_9485_0802 In game name: Elaus. I've already added your FC. I want to give it to someone I love very much. His favorite Pokemon is Dugtrio
    hi we're playing for the next lc round, when would you like to play?

    i'm literally available atm if you want to fight for first blood

    edit: i am not any longer, but im available on irc as zeb / zebraiken on #gslam and #nu. i'm also gmt -5 (it's 6:30ish PM for me atm), so whenever you're available lmk
    when do you wanna battle for lc open r3? im gmt-7 and the best time for me would be during the weekend, but any time from 6-10 pm during weekdays would be fine too
    Hi I've been away for a while because of moving, when between now and 9/18 is good for the highlander tour battle? My best times are evenings (after 6pm or so) CDT (GMT -5).
    No, sorry, I've already met on Saturday's afternoon so I'll only be available to battle on the morning that day
    well, sry, but I have and improvisation so I must go out

    I'll be back in 1:30 or 2 hours more or less

    sorry again, and see you then or tomorrow
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