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  • hey baseball ended today actually at my hs, so I'll be home earlier tomorrow. Hows 3-3:30 tomorow? (in EST)
    hey, sorry i wasnt on earlier today. I was much more busy than i expected. If you can be on at the same time tomorrow, I'll try again.
    Sorry, I'm not gonna be around then. I usually dont get home till about 6 on weekdays. How about this Saturday?
    I'm in EST(gmt-4?). I'd like to battle asap, but I might have some problems getting it done this week.
    [17:18:10] <~dogfish44> !insult Marcus
    [17:18:10] <rodasleep> Marcus -- I heard you went to a freak show and got in FREE!
    I <3 Insultbot, so true.
    Mmm, it didn't really make it more fun, since otherwise I would have had the game in the bag a long time ago.
    GG - it was a close one (due to all the hax you got, xD), but I had fun until the end.
    I'm going to try. If not, could you please try for 4 tomorrow?

    Sorry we can't now, can't use Shoddy on this school computer.
    Kay, listen - I'm going to try and aim for somewhere between 11 and 1 Thursday.

    Be on then - that's the only day the whole week I have study hall.
    I can't do 4 PM your time, that's the point. I'm in school then. I suppose we could try 4 your time tomorrow, or Sunday if that doesn't work.
    @031ap i don't think i could do 4PM your time, but between tur and fri, i could do 4pm my time
    Would you be interested in getting this battle done anytime soon?

    How about someday next week around 4 PM my time (it's four right now when I'm posting, so do the maths with that). We'll set up a date between Tues. and Fri.
    Sorry for spamming, but your unwillingness to reply is starting to piss me off slightly.

    I'm back, in any case, so try and say something within the next twenty minutes or so, thank you very much.
    Y'know what, screw it, I gotta go.

    Next time, try to check your messages.

    We'll get it done later.
    Yo, come on, I have only a few minutes left.

    I'm on Shoddy under my Forum nick, challenge me, please. And soon.
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