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    both washed up AND a locker room cancer, osi might have filled our quota on the former and we don't need any of the latter either hehe
    nope, that's not the kind of attitude I want for this team, and I'm pretty sure that's not what the coaches want either. if he's that adamant about money then I can't imagine us signing him.

    I think literally every one of those players he drafted is undervalued right now, but the overall strategy is the important part.
    oh apparently that cap # was after SJ and the rookies, so it looks about right
    That sounds a little low, I'm pretty sure we were $10 million under the cap before the Steven Jackson signing (which should take about $4 million, less if we deferred it to later years).

    Still, we need about $5 million for the rookies we'll sign, so barring something fancy we don't have the room for much else.
    I also would have preferred Grimes to SJ, but I know that TD knows what he's doing.

    A lot of teams are wary about Grimes because of the big injury and the fact he's already 30. I'd be shocked if he goes for too much money. We might have the capacity to sign him, but it'd take a really team friendly deal for it to happen.
    oh, looks like he didn't get released, just won't resign (which is why I didn't hear about it). dunno why he never got much playing time, something the coaches saw I guess.

    we were 20-22 million under the cap before resigning Moore, probably something along the lines of 16 million now. I really hope we can keep Grimes for a fair price, but we can't afford to pay him anything like he wanted before he got injured or Dunta's old contract. dunno what we do if we can't get him :x

    he might not be a fantastic pass rusher, but Biermann is a perfect candidate for a 3-4 OLB (hell, with the number of times he dropped into coverage this season he basically already is one). signing one (rumor is we're in a three way bid for Kruger with the Browns/Colts, there's a couple more options too) and drafting one would give us a pretty good OLB core. we don't have a great nose tackle, but babs/corey/vance would make a pretty serviceable d-line. spoon/nicholas/dent would be our three inner linebackers. penetration might be a problem, but it's not like we were getting any of that this season and next year we'll be down one Abraham.
    3 I hope? unless there was someone I haven't heard about yet ?_?

    I really can't predict what we'll do this offseason. Really hoping that we're one of the teams interested in Michael Bennett (if Gonzo leaves of course), and I really hope we can get some kind of pass rushing help through free agency AND the draft. don't really want a new free agent running back, I think Snelling can handle a major role or we can find someone decent in the middle of the draft (don't forget, Quizz himself came in like the 5th round or something)

    I really don't know exactly who is available out there, but a relatively cheap DE that can get ~8 sacks and a decent tight end like Cook or Bennett would be perfect, along with signing Baker and drafting another DE.

    actually, I legitimately think we'll be moving to 3-4 next year, so just replace "DE" with "OLB" and you'll have my prediction for what will happen.
    turner is worst when we need him to get one yard though

    and also on first down

    and also on 2nd and 10

    actually he's just terrible
    we'll be fine, might even be better for us in the long run because now we can srs the fuck up
    "Not wrong because bullying is wrong and should not be tolerated as most of society thinks. I dont see how thats a double standard."

    its a double standard because you establish "you should not get involved in other people's business". both getting involved to help and getting involved to bully are involvement in anothers business - and you said this is bad.

    "Its fine if friends of the girlfriend call Todd a slut other insults but they shouldnt cross the line or get too involved. And who says Todd made the boyfriend cheat? Its fault too isnt it? Cheating is a personal matter and should kept between Todd, the boyfriend and girlfriend."

    where do you draw the line? it's both of their faults - in this case though, anger was taken out on todd (and probably on the boyfriend too, but he didn't commit suicide so it's "not important") and if somebody killed your mom then it's a personal matter between you, your mom, and the murderer? BULLSHIT.

    "The employer is justified in not hiring you but not telling other employers. Tbh that isnt a great analogy."

    WHY NOT???? lets use a "better" analogy, if you want.

    there is a man who is a pedophile, and i know that he is a pedophile. should i keep that knowledge private? should i not tell other people who have children????
    here's another example: i post something that is obscene / graphic / whatever on facebook.

    an employer sees this -> they refuse to hire me and tell other employers about me as well.

    as a result, i cannot get the job i want. is this wrong?
    im not saying I think it's bad, but obviously society does!

    "The only person who has the "right" to make Todd's life miserable is the girlfriend of the boy who Todd slept with. The girlfriend's friends dont have any right to bully Todd because its none of their fucking business. "

    this is wrong; "if somebody bullies your friend then you don't have any right to stand up for them because its none of their fucking business!" - don't make a double standard.

    "Uh What? People are bullied because they are ugly, have a disability, sexual orientation, are smart, gifted etc. "

    these are things that are considered "bad" by the society. i'm not saying that it's right that these are considered bad, merely that they are.

    what do you think should have happened to her after making that person cheat? i'm just curious.
    the "appropriate punishment" is the punishment that society dictates; my idea of what a punishment should be doesn't matter, because societal standards are what set everything anyway!

    so, in this case, the punishment was being harassed.
    Hey, you're my opponent for the Smogon Omaha Tournament 2.
    My GMT is -4.
    VM/PM me your timezone and a time so we can plan on which day to battle.
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