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  • Could you please choose a time? I don't know when you want to battle. I have limited time and need to know.
    we still need to battle for RU, what name do you go on when on the smogon server
    Hey, we're opponents for the unSUSPECTed metagame tournament R2. I'm GMT -5.
    When would you like to play?
    yo we are meant to battle for inb4 nintendo round 1, im gmt and i have to do the battle before july 20th hopefully coz thats when i go back to school
    Or, since I see you're on now, we could do it now quick if you're not too tired or anything. Your call man. Whatever allows us to get this battle doneso we don't need to worry about it anymore. :)
    Yeah... things haven't worked out well for us in getting things set up, have they? Saturday's the deadline for round one of the UnSUSPECTed Metagame Tourney, and I won't be available on Saturday (as I just found out today) so we need to get our battle done tomorrow. I'll try to stay logged into the forums to catch you on, but if you just wanna send me a time (and server too is possible) you know for sure you'll be on PO I'll make note of it and meet you then so we can get this done.
    Just letting you know man: Yesterday was the last day I needed to work for the summer, and I have two weeks off before I go back to college. I can't do it today because it's my baby brother's birthday and I have to help my mom with his party, but after today I can battle at anytime. So starting with tomorrow, if you happen to get on PO at all shoot me a VM or something and I'll get on so we can battle, since the deadline is next Saturday.
    Alright. I'll be on the Smogon server under my forum name (Ruppy) for the rest of the night if you're able to get on and battle. Otherwise, I'm free every day the rest of this week after 4:30 PM EST and we should be able to catch each other on.
    Hey, just figured I'd check in to see if you have a team built yet for the UnSUSPECTed Metagame Tourney so we can get it done.
    You're my opponent for The Same-Type Tournament.
    When are you free to battle?
    Alright, let me know when you've got a team ready man and we'll get this going. I'll just use my OU team because it's got none of the suspect suff anyway, so I'm already set.
    Looks like you and I are playing in theUnSUSPECTed Metagame Tourney. I'm EST and I'm available tomorrow after 4:30 PM EST and all dat on Saturday and Sunday. Next week it's the same, with me being available after 4:30 PM EST on weekdays and all day on the weekends. Let me know when you want to battle man, and best of luck to you.
    Hey man, we need to play for the Switch Off Your Mind Tournament. What timezone are you in and when are you available to play the most?
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