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  • I can push it to 10am max. However, i have exams the next day (I don't really give a shit about exams though)
    yeah it was 11pm that time. I'll be having quite a bit of a tutoring session so (assuming you are gmt-5) can we play around 8am your time?
    Yeah definitely, could you play in 2 hours? Sorry about waiting till the weekend btw, this week has been super busy.
    ill be on #genvuu for the next hour. If not we have to play on sat
    I have an NU tournament to do tomorrow at 1pm, so any other time will work for me.
    It's working for me 5 or 6 PM at my time or sunday on evening (Yours or mine just for have sureness).
    I prefer to play more early on the saturday like at 4:00 PM. But I can make me available during all the afternoon but during the evening or the night of saturday I'm not available.

    (I'm available from 12:00 PM to 6 PM maximum, and sorry I did a mystake I'm GMT +1 )
    I'm available all the week until friday and saturday but I prefer to play this sunday. I'm gmt +2 so if it's sound good for you I want to play Sunday.

    sorry I couldn't respond, I was called in to work today, I just got back. Yeah we definitely can play in the evening. 7-8 sound cool?
    i dunno, i can be online most of the time, maybe around 4-5pm or 7-8pm my time?
    no worries bud, i completely understand work stuff. i'm pretty much available after 5-6 on the weekdays, the earlier the day the better. and i think my satruday and sunday are free this week so i'm ok then. if you catch me on irc (badass) hit me with a PM, otherwise feel free to suggest a time
    hey, so uh we were scheduled for 30min ago. i have to leave now so when do you want to re schedule our match?
    Hey I know you're busy and not always on, but when you see this, can you pleeeaassee try to battle koko for the Survival of the Fittest project? I'd really appreciate closure to round 1 and the ability to move on. Thanks!
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