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  • omgomgomg
    I on irc if you wanna come on with me and tell me how hawt your weukend was :3
    30 | SUBAKI7134 | 1559.4739227

    Ok Jubilee has till Oct 12th and then this round is over.
    I personally dont think Cross is BL so...
    Do you have to vote something out to get a badge or what?
    Anyways does getting to about 20-15ish sound good?
    Oh sorry my dear Jubilee went to his nana's for the weekend
    Were you all alone? :(
    Oh, I am terribly sorry. I was afk. >_<

    Well, when you get back, I would be more than glad to help you. ^^ :P
    You can catch wild Tyranitars. o_O

    Wow, pokemon has come a long way lol. I remember being impressed by being able to catch wild Steelix in gen 4.
    Sure, if you could take over it would be great, I'm not a very good writer and I've been very busy as of late.
    I see. Eh, its too early to say at this point. We have no clue how the metagame will end up, so its probably best to wait before making an analysis. :P
    I started Lopunny last year. O_O

    Edit:Oops triple birdy got uploaded didn't notice. ^^
    All I need to do is finish EVing a Starmie, and a Timid Tentacruel until I will play Black again.

    Life Orb Tentacruel is suprisingly good with its base 100 speed. Surf/Rapid Spin/Sludge Bomb/Toxic Spikes. So many things like Breloom and Mamoswine stay in against you while you get free OHKOs. I don't use HP Electric and Ice Beam since you 2HKO most Gyara with Sludge Bomb, same with Dragonite.
    Nah, its not so bad haha. I was a little nervous at first, but now im fine. :P

    Also, I should beat Black by tonight and start breeding that Eel.
    Do it. I love Steelix. <3

    My dodrio is done but mods havent uploaded it. =(

    Ive been really inactive lately. Havent touched Lopunny or even started on Persian/Nidoking. :/
    Ok, well it appears my Garchomp is female. :(

    If you have a Garchomp, you could trade it over to me if you want and I can migrate it for you. I'm going to sleep now, but I can trade tomorrow.
    I'll check and see if I have one in a bit, I'm in the middle of a migration now. If I have one, of course! ^_^
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