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  • Oh. You just want 31/x/x/31/31/x? I've been trying to get flawless 6. It should be easy to get those stats.
    sure, but i don't have a IV calculator nor on how to use one. I can try to breed for ludicolo but yeah... and keep on breeding chinchous until you get 31 ivs on hp, sp atk and sp def if thats possible.
    Sure I could EV train lodicolo but I don't really want to start another breeding project right now so I don't want to do the breeding part. So keep breeding chinchous?
    lol... umm i'd still like the calm 31 or at least around the top 20s if thats fine. all of this and i'll give you the shiny manazone. and also could you ev a ludicolo for me? i have a shiny lotad for you to hatch or ev.

    I just got this chinchou: 31/30/31/16/31/28 Calm! Oh man, so close :( great stats everywer- except SPA. The most important stat! Do you still want it?
    hmm i have an adamant ditto... and a few others. don't have an IV calcaulator on me though
    Ummm... I don't have any pokemon that can breed with chinchou and that have 31 in HP. Do you have any I could use for a little bit?
    Ummmmmmm.... Do you realize that mudkip has x/x/31/31/x/31 adamant + Curse? I don't know weather you ment to give me that or not, but thanks!
    Yes, if afraid it will have to wait 'til tomorrow morning. Do you want the azelf to hold a masterball? I have lots :)
    Actually it may take a bit more than that... And it may have to be tommorow... Sorry...
    Oh, no, I can get it in like 20 minutes. I'm just bad at breeding so it would take a LONG time.
    oh ok thats fine. i just found out xD umm i guess i could take the azelf :S is it ev trained? if not could you ev it then give it to me. and its fine.
    Hi, I'm really sorry but I'm not sure I can get those pokemon :( I can't seem to find my really good dittos :( I think they are on my HG and I cant find that cartridge :( I feel really bad for letting you down so I'll give you something for free. I have a lot of good pokemon but not with good IVs. I can give you a Giratina, Darkria, Heatran, Moltres, Kyogre, Groudon, Rayquaza, Manaphy, Azelf, Uxie, Shiny shinx, or Shiny event Pichu. All of these have good natures so they aren't that bad. Again, I'm really sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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